C → Asylum Seekers in Switzerland, The Basel School of Design FHNW, Poster, Vintage Pen Plotter, 84x118 cm, December 2015





Asylum Requests in Switzerland 1995–2014
Visualizing Data with Typography

Data Sources

State Secretariat for Migration
Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Data visualizations concerning asylum statistics are rarely designed considering principles of neutrality of communication. Instead, they are often the carrier of a politically charged message.
Most commonly, asylum requests are visualized with bold arrows, all starting from the same points: countries of origin and all pointing in the same direction: countries of destination. The available data are often limited to mere quantitative information related to the number of asylum seekers.
The work explores a less biased way of visualizing asylum statistics data. Based on available quantitative information, the data are visually communicated through the distortion of the typos that indicate the names of migrants’ countries.
By integrating not only the total number of asylum requests but also the share of female or under-aged asylum seekers, these visualizations highlight qualitative aspects of this phenomenon that must be brought up to the public attention.
A script in Processing translates the data set variations visually. The outputs are printed in the form of A1 posters employing an old pen plotter.
The result is an exciting mix between old and new media.

In collaboration with
Nadia Delia Lanfranchi

Theodore Davis

#data visualisation

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